Thursday, July 21, 2011

Just a few more days

Summer's starting to wind down for our family. Once 7x7 football begins and T starts band camp, I kind of consider it back-to-school time. Yesterday was KJ's 6th grade registration and it went extremely smooth and very fast. She looked very grown up in her new outfit and even had a little make-up on. I swear, she's grown several inches this summer. There was hardly anyone at registration and if we hadn't stopped and chatted with everyone we knew, registration itself probably would have taken less than 5 minutes. She ran into last year's teacher (who will now be at the new school as well) and a bunch of her little girlfriends. She also ran into a couple of T's old middle school teachers so at least she's got some faces to put with the teacher's names. The gym teacher also introduced herself (she overhead me giving the school nurse our last name and recognized the name; she's worked with Cosmo several times to teach lacrosse in PE class).

T's dance team coach had a sweet, beautiful baby girl a month ago so we took her lunch yesterday and visited for a while. Wow. I hadn't held a "baby" baby in a long, long time. She's got a beautiful head of dark hair and the prettiest eyes. It was so funny to see T hold the baby. Of course, the baby fussed and cried a bit when T held her and she kind of got a panicked look on her face. T loves kids but I just don't see her marrying young and having children right away. It always bothers me a little when I hear of a girl getting engaged before graduating from college and getting married shortly after graduation. I just feel like they haven't experienced life yet. Like they went to college to get their Mrs. Degree, not their BA or BS degree.

Tonight I'm watching that bachelor/bachelorette-type show on CMT "Sweet Home Alabama." I don't know why I like this show but I do. I find it funny that they are referring to the guy from Phoenix as "City." Yeah, I guess Phoenix is a city but it's not a CITY as in fast-paced lifestyle. When I think of "City" I think of NY, Chicago, LA.. Not Phoenix. The girl, Devin, comes across very, very sweet but she's very young. A couple of the guys are cool, a couple are not. Not sure how I feel about the guy from Mountain Brook (seriously? who names their kid "Tribble"?? He HAD to have gotten teased a lot in school -- Tribble Dribble). The guy from New Jersy is a total tool and the guy named "Kash Keifer" is a total Kreeper and a Stage 5 Kligon. He reminds me of a Krazed stalker.

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