Monday, July 25, 2011

Should I be Worried??

A couple of last minute / end of summer purchases to take on our last trip before school starts! I have been eye-balling / totally coveting the Blackberry pouch. Everything will look super cute with my straw totebag.

Another great weekend on the books! First time in a long time we've all been home together. No lacrosse tournaments, no one was traveling anywhere. T was busy w/ DYW stuff all weekend and we just had a very nice relaxing couple of days at home.

Friday and Saturday T and a bunch of girls went to dinner beforehand and then on to the Jefferson County DYW event to watch some of the girls they knew. T said there were 3 Hoover girls . . . two she knew, one she had never seen before in her life. The one girl did really great in talent and made the top 10 and T said the other girl's gown was positively breathtaking. Win or lose this coming weekend, T has set out what she intended to do . . . put herself out there, make some new friends, and gain some experience in public speaking. Very proud of her!

T ran into the mom of an ex-boyfriend over the weekend and the mom invited her over for Sunday dinner. Mrs. has always, always had a sweet spot for T and they have a very nice relationship. His older sister is very kind to T as well and always looks out for her. The whole family sent her very nice birthday wishes recently and I think they will be there to cheer her on this weekend. The Boy has grown on me over the years and has turned out to be a very good friend to T. He & T started off their relationship as friends, tried to date for a little while and ended up deciding they were better off as friends.

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