Saturday, July 9, 2011

So, So Proud!

Incredibly proud of KJ this weekend. She's participating in her first ever all-star lacrosse tournament in Chattanooga and, by all accounts, is doing awesome! I would love to take all the credit and say I taught her everything she knows but we all know the girls did not inherit their athleticism from me! This is the first year the state of Alabama has ever had a middle school girls all-star team and she scored the very first goal! Yay! One for the history books. She's playing attack this summer instead of her usual goalie position and is having a good time. She couldn't wait to text me "Mom! I scored my first goal in 3 years!" Being a goalie is tough. It's hot under all that equipment and if the team wins, you're a hero. If the team loses, you're the bad guy. There's really no glory in being the goalie.

Cosmo said she's being a trooper. T is used to playing in the heat of the summer, she's used to the grueling tournament schedule. This is all new to KJ and despite being on Eastern time, she woke up this morning and was at the field by 7 AM (6 AM CST). I worry about her because she was the youngest on her regular season team and she's also the youngest on this all-star team however Cosmo said it's a very sweet group of girls and they had a lot of fun at dinner last night.KJ got in the goal for the 3rd game of the day to give the other goalie a break and they lost to a U15 team 10 to 4 (keep in mind KJ is 11 years old). Apparently KJ took a pretty bad shot in the shoulder but all the girls on the sidelines were cheering her on and gave her some hugs after the game. They were going to dinner again tonight as a group and KJ said something about riding bikes (???).

Last night on TLC's season premiere of "Say Yest to the Dress-Atlanta" a bride from Tuscaloosa was featured, Holly Simpson. Holly has actually been at the hotel for most of the week with her family and got married today at the hotel. Last night's episode was filmed in December when she shopped for her dress and the TLC crew has been following her this week for a follow-up feature. Not sure when that will air.

I think one of my favorite things about working at the hotel is the coolness factor. I love coming home and telling the family about the various celebrities I've spoken with on the phone, the crazy demands some of them make, who's a diva/who's a jerk to the staff, who's a crappy tipper, etc. You would be amazed at the famous folks who have stayed a few miles from my home.

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