Thursday, July 21, 2011

Compliments of "Oh, My Darling"

What Does Your Favorite Glitter Shoe Say About You?

I've always been a sucker for a fun personality quiz, so I'm turning this secret love into a new, tongue-in-cheek feature. This week's quick personality quiz is: what does your favorite glitter shoe say about you? Pick your favorite pair and get ready to gain some really important insights into who you are as a person.

Steve Madden Glitter Oxford: You seem like a practical girl to the world, but you have a secret love of glitz and glamour. You like to browse through the shelves at used bookstores and buy turnips at the local farmer's market. Sometimes you dance around your apartment, when no one else is around, and rock some serious jazz hands, while saying "JAZZ HANDSSSSSS" with lots of extra S's. Also, you are clumsy, hence your tendency to wear flat shoes. No judgment, everyone trips.
Kate Spade Charm Peeptoe: You're a sophisticated lady with a wild, multicolored sparkly streak. You are fond of to-do lists and day planners (bound in chic leather, of course), and you predicted the macaroon craze months before it happened. You're pretty sure that munchkin donuts will be hot next, but you'd never brag about having such keen baked goods trendspotting knowledge. Also, you are probably getting married in the next year because, let's be real -- Kate Spade shoes are a splurge best reserved for a very special occasion.
Miu Miu Glitter Platform Pump: You're fashion-forward with an extra dose of funkiness going on. You're capable of wearing these shoes to work without getting any weird looks, and most of us are totally jealous of your ability to pull that business off. You always either know or correctly guess the secret password at those speakeasy-style bars that are so big right now and, once you make it through those unmarked doors, can down champagne cocktails like nobody's business. Also, you don't own any clothing that involves fleece.

Promise Titanic Blush and Gold Glitter Platforms: You are a really cool person. You work for a nonprofit and/or go to great lengths to recycle things, mysteriously know how to contradance despite never taking lessons, and make a risotto so good that it once brought an entire dinner party to tears. You made out with a member of Animal Collective back in '08, but have mostly kept quiet about this (except during an intense game of "Never never have I ever," which is excusable). Also, I totally want to be your friend, especially if you wear a size seven shoe and are open to sharing these beauties.

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