Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Has it really been over a week...

...since I last blogged? Wow! Very unlike me!

The kids started school a week ago. Everything has gone well so far (knock on wood!). KJ really likes her teacher. She came home from school the first day and said her teacher was "very energetic." I guess that's a good thing. T has also enjoyed her first couple of days at the senior campus. She had to change her locker to a more convenient location and that was really her only hiccup. Since our morning bus has always arrived way too early, Chris has always taken both girls to school on his way to work. This year the girls start school an hour apart so T has been taking the bus in the AM and she's had plenty of time to get ready in the morning. She's even made herself eggs for breakfast a couple of times.

We had to check both girls out of school around lunch time on Friday so we could head to Tallahassee for Brittany and Matt's rehearsal dinner. It was only a 5-hour ride but it seemed much longer than that due to the secondary roads we had to travel on. Podunk little roads w/ tons of stop lights. We literally checked into the hotel, changed our clothes and ran over to the country club for the rehearsal dinner. The wedding didn't start until 5 PM on Saturday so we spent the morning walking around FSU and then headed over to the church.

Brittany looked absolutely beautiful on her wedding day! So elegant and graceful! She's always had a wonderful smile since she was a little girl. Joe & Laurie were very, very calm and the ceremony was both meaningful and personal. We had a lot of fun at the reception and I had way too much wine! It was wonderful to see family again and a great time was had by all.

We left Tallahassee as early as we could on Sunday so KJ could be home in plenty of time for the Jo Bros concert (that's Jonas Brothers to some of you!). Her friend Gabi invited her months and months ago when her mom bought the tickets. It was her very firsst concert and, as you could imagine, she had a blast! She had a special outfit picked out and even made posters.
So now we're into our first full week of school and activities (and homework) have started back up. KJ has dance on Tuesday and Wednesday, T has dance on Wednesday, Thursday and bright and early Saturday mornings. KJ has volleyball on Wednesday and Friday. Fall lacrosse will be starting soon so there go our Sunday's.

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