Friday, May 18, 2018

Get Your Popcorn!!!

I love going to a good movie, getting a big obnoxious tub of popcorn (to share of course!) and a Coke Icee.  I've got to have the Coke Icee.  The "trailers" are always a highlight although I've never understood why they're called "trailers" if they are actually "previews."  

"Deadpool 2" opened today and so far the reviews are super great!  I've read reviews that said the movie is funnier and sharper than the first.  Ryan Reynolds is so damn funny (his Facebook page is hysterical) and one reviewer said Josh Brolin is a great villain (Cable).  We saw "Avengers" a couple of weekends ago and liked it.  I'm not a huge comic book-turned movie fan but I will watch Spider Man, Iron Man, Wonder Woman, Batman, Super Man, Thor.  I tried to watch Black Panther and just couldn't get into it, I won't watch Ant Man and Incredible Hulk is not one of my favorites.  And I can't stand Scarlett Johannson so I could totally do without any "Black Widow" scenes. 

"Solo," the newest Star Wars installment, opens next weekend.  Meh.  I haven't watch the last couple of Star Wars movies and I've done just fine thank you very much.   

I still want to see "Life of the Party" with Melissa McCarthy (that's gonna be me come August when KJ heads off to Ole Miss).  One of the movie critics I listen to on the radio said "Book Club" was one of the funniest movies she's reviewed all year.  Surprising.  I think that's one of those movies that can wait until it comes out on Pay Per View or Netflix. 

I'm not a fan of re-makes and think the new "Overboard" (Anna Farris, Eva Longoria) looks horrible.  Why mess with a good thing?  However, I think June will be a good movie month:  "Ocean's 8" (speaking of re-makes!), "The Incredibles 2" (let's face it; we all just want to hear Samuel L. Jackson ask "Where's.  My.  Super.  Suit??!!") and the latest "Jurassic Park" movie all open in June. 

"The Spy Who Dumped Me" with Mila Kunis, Kate McKinnon and Sam Heughan looks pretty funny!  It opens in August.  The live-action "Little Mermaid" also opens in August  This Little Mermaid version is different than the Disney cartoon we all know and love.  This story line reminds me a lot of the book "The Museum of Extraordinary Things" by Alice Hoffman.

The Fall has some good movies coming up "Where'd you go Bernadette?" (great book!) opens in October as well as "Venom" with Tom Hardy.  "Robin Hood," "Creed 2," "Wreck-it-Ralph" (one of Coach Cos's favorites!) and "Bohemian Rhapsody" (Queen bio-pic) all open in November.  The live-action "Nutcracker" also opens in November.

Holiday movies include:  "AquaMan" with Jason Mamoa (December) and the "Mary Poppins" remake which looks pretty good -- Emily Blount plays the title character.  Pip pip!!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Royal Wedding

Only a few more days until the Royal Wedding!  And I am totally geeking out!  The pomp!  The circumstance! 
Regent Street, London

The Queen!  Lots of handsome Princes.  And Princesses wearing ugly hats! 
Eugenie and Beatrice

The gown!  Which designer will she wear?  Will the designer be Canadian?  American?  British?  What about the Tiara??
For her 1947 wedding to Prince Philip, Princess Elizabeth –who would become Queen Elizabeth II – wore Queen Mary's Fringe Tiara, consisting of 47 diamond bars using stones taken from a necklace Queen Mary had been given by Queen Victoria. The Fringe Tiara, passed on to Princess Elizabeth's mother in 1936, was loaned to the young Princess as the "something borrowed" element of her wedding outfit.  The Queen would loan the sparkling keepsake to her own daughter Princess Anne for her wedding to Mark Phillips in November 1973. 
When she married Prince Charles in 1981, Princess Diana famously wore a stunning ivory silk taffeta gown with puffed shoulders and a billowing skirt by Elizabeth and David Emanuel. Diana's diamond encrusted piece was not from the royal collection but from her own aristocratic family's treasure trove: the century-old Spencer Tiara worn by her mother and sisters on their own wedding days.
Kate Middleton married Prince William on April 29, 2011 wearing a custom Alexander McQueen gown and the Queen Mother’s Cartier Halo Tiara. The glittering headpiece features 739 brilliant-cut diamonds and 149 baguette-cut diamonds.
In 1960, when she prepared to walk down the aisle to marry Anthony Armstrong-Jones, Queen Elizabeth II's little sister chose a statement-making accessory for her wedding day – the Poltimore Tiara. Rather than borrowing from the royal collection according to tradition, however, glamorous Princess Margaret chose to wear this stunning creation, made by Garrard in the 1870s, which she had bought at auction the year before her wedding.

Will Prince George be a page boy?  Princess Charlotte a flower girl??   Here they are at Auntie Pippa's wedding: 
At Auntie Pippa's wedding

Who's on the guest list?  Will Elton John be there?  David and Victoria?  Any other Spice Girls?

I purchased the mug and tea towel below from BBC on-line for my bar cart and my sweet friend LCM recently gave me a tea towel set with Double Decker buses to commerate our first annual girls Double Decker weekend in Oxford (Mississippi). 
I love the mug because it has the cutest little Queen's Guard inside! 

I  have no idea what I'm going to do with the tea towel (other than display it on my bar cart with my new mug) but I just adore the fact that the American flag is also included! 
This this Alison Gardiner mug is also available from the BBC Shops: 

Thank God I didn't order this Ed Sheeran/Meghan Markle plate (I mean, all gingers basically look the same, right???): 
Ms. Markle has some pretty big shoes to fill!




Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Met Gala 2018

In case you've been living under a rock this week or your internet's been out for a few days, Monday was the annual Met Gala (formally known as the Costume Institute Gala).  Held the first Monday of each May, this year's theme was "Heavenly Bodies:  Fashion and the Catholic Imagination."  The exhibition runs until October 2018 and includes pieces donated from the Vatican.

Like everyone else who was live tweeting that night, I love seeing the different interpretations of the exhibition (while the Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute annual charity affair is not a "themed" event, many guests and designers choose to wear creations with a (sometimes not so) subtle nod to the show. 

While I may not necessarily like some of the outfits, I do appreciate the beauty of the workmanship and design.  Here are some of the thoughts I had while sitting on the couch in my sweats and being all judge-y: 

I thought Amanda Seyfriend looked like she stepped out of a Raphael or Bottecilli painting.  Her hair, make-up, gown and accessories were stunning! 

I mean, come on.  That close-up is pure perfection.  When she turned and looked at the cameras, she owned that moment. 

Cardi B.  She's a couple of months pregnant and looked radiant. 

I love Gigi Hadid and her gown was reminiscent of a church stained glass window.
J-Lo.  That leg! 

Kate Upton played it safe but from the shoulder's up she looked like a Renaissance princess.

Kim Kardashian.

While I respect and support the message, the presentation just seemed off to me. 

Lynda Carter (the original Wonder Woman).  Regal.  Elegant.


Rosie Huntington-Whitley.  An angel. 


Scarlett Johanssen.  This was awful.  There.  I said it. 

Sarah Jessica Parker reminded me of the Queen of Hearts. 
Zendaya's take on Joan of Arc.  I like it. 
At first I did not care for this look (that hair bow was throwing me off) but the Vera Wang gown is basically, incredibly, the Sistine Chapel. 

I love the edgy boots and her make-up was flawless! 

Olivia Munn.  This outfit looks better in black and white.  The color really didn't suit her complexion. 
Love Ashley Graham.  I think this would be better for an awards show, the Oscars or the Grammy's perhaps.  A little too safe. 
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