Thursday, October 29, 2009

What a Week

Tonight is the homecoming football game, tomorrow is the dance. I hate that the game and the dance aren't on the same night this year. Part of the fun, as a parent, is to go to the game and see all the kids dressed up. I haven't missed a homecoming game in years but decided not to go tonight. Chris took the girls and I'm sure they'll keep me updated. I also follow the football coverage on Twitter (still not sure how I feel about Twitter).

So let see....last Sunday was a gorgeous day for lax. It was so wonderful drinking up all that sunshine! KJ went to Sunday school and T had part 2 of her clinic w/ the Washington & Lee coaches. Saturday she went to the clinic, went to Yogurt Mountain w/ friends, Johnny Rockets for lunch and then Chris drove the girls to Atrox (haunted house) and T's friend Beans was driving home. It was a little nerve-racking for was the first time we've ever let T drive w/ a friend who has their license. I was nervous about Beans driving at night, on the highway, being distracted, etc. Thankfully, the girls made it home safe and sound.

After fall ball lax on Sunday we ran to the mall to find shoes and a bag for T for homecoming. Love the shoes she bought and since her dress is basic black, she went with a really cute red and black leopard print clutch to brighten things up. T's had her mani & pedi and had a haircut last week so I think she's all set for the homecoming festivities!

Monday we were woken up by a phone call from the Vestavia police. Our lax store was broken into. Without going into the details, the little turd got a couple hundred dollars in cash. In return, we have his white car and his face on video.

Today I learned that a gentlemen I worked with years ago in New Jersey lost his son in Afghanistan earlier this week. Ken was a very kind man and I'll be keeping his family in my thoughts. Everyone, please....regardless of your thoughts on the war, please keep our servicemen and women in your daily thoughts.

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