Saturday, October 30, 2010


KJ's b-day money was burning a hole in her pocket so while Champ was at the W&L Lax clinic last night, KJ & did a little retail damage at our local Justice store. She had $55 in gift cards and I had $60 in fun cards or J-bucks or whatever the heck they're called. Still managed to do $120 worth of damage to my Visa. She bought jeans, a couple of long-sleeve layering-type shirts, some cami's, some bras and underwear, a sweater and a shirt. She put half of her b-day money in the bank and last week she bought cowboy boots with what was left over. All of her jeans are bootleg cut and don't fit when she tucks the jeans in the boots. So last night we were on the hunt for "skinny" jeans. The Justice brand fit her very well.

After shopping we had a nice dinner at one of the local Mexican restaurants and Champ ended up joining us halfway thru the meal. The W&L lax camp was going very well and Coach McCabe had everything under control so Cosmo snuck out a few minutes early. :-)
Last night the Bucs played Bob Jones in Huntsville. T said it was freezing! She had her warm-up suit but forgot a pair of gloves. The poor thing got in late last night and today she had to be up and out of the house for their last band competition of the season at Jacksonville State University. No telling how late she'll get home tonight.
I need to get up in the attic today. I'm missing a box of Halloween decorations. I know there is a box up there somewhere with scary decorations, lights, some ghosts that go in the yard, and some other stuff. It must be mismarked or something.

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