Sunday, January 19, 2014

Miss Jackson Metro

Looks like the Cos Fam is traveling to Vicksburg, MS this summer!  Last night T was crowned Miss Jackson Metro and will compete for Miss Mississippi!  Very, very proud of her and I wish we could have been there to help her celebrate!  Fortunately, she's got a great group of friends and they were there for her last night.  They were actually planning to go to next week's pageant in Tupelo but decided at the last minute to drive to Jackson.  So glad she had the girls there to share in her win!

T said one of the male judges in the private interviewed asked her about Hoover and Tow-A-Days (which always cracks her up) and he even asked her about Spain Park!

Talked to T briefly after the crowning and I teased her and asked if her crown fit in the car.  She said, "Fit in the car?! I'm not taking this baby off!   I'm wearing it while I'm driving to Outback for a blooming onion!"

This is actually a photo from her talent portion of the Miss University pageant she did in November

T's friend Tana took this photo last night on her phone  and sent it to me

This is the first time she wore this new black gown; she just bought it on Friday!  She had been competing in a red gown I wasn't too crazy about.  

A couple of these girls are participants in the Miss Teen program.

She usually texts me after each portion of the program and said she did very well in her private interview and she was extremely pleased with her talent.  Last week she struggled a bit on some of her turns; she said the stage floor was not varnished well and it really affected her turns.  She come in 1st Alternate in that pageant.  
She said she was very surprised when they finally called her name.  She said she was a little concerned that she didn't win any of the categories (talent, on-stage question, swimsuit) and when they called her name second, she was very surprised and cried a bit!  

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