Saturday, July 19, 2014

Blowing It Up!

Yesterday was our annual "Khoatic KJ Klean-Up."  Every year, usually the last day of school, KJ and I go through her room.  Yesterday we totally tore her bedroom apart.  I mean, we emptied EVERY drawer, her entire closet, her bathroom, etc.  We reorganized, re-folded and threw away 2 trash bags of stuff and dropped 1 bag off at Goodwill.  Even though we've only been in this house 1 year, her room was never set up properly.  I let her unpack her room and I should have just done it myself.  She was not a happy camper when I woke her up and told her our plans for the day but she was a trooper.

Today she and Coach are visiting with their BamaLax family.  A couple of the teams are here in MD for a tournament.  They were originally supposed to be playing in Gettsyburg, PA but that tournament was cancelled so they were able to get in the MD one.  KJ was excited to see some of her former Bumpus classmates.

This week's weather has been amaze-balls.  No humidity and nothing but blue skies!

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