Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Here She Is ... Miss America !!!

Because T-bone FINALLY decided on the gown she'll be competing in at Miss University in October and in honor of the upcoming Miss America Pageant, I'll be posting photos of the contestant's recent photo shoot with the Godfather of pageant fashion, Mr. Tony Bowls (please note:  these are not the official evening gowns the contestants will be wearing during competition, these are from a Tony Bowls photo shoot while the contestants were in Orlando supporting their Outstanding Teens this summer).  www.MisAmerica.org

In alphabetical order (I'll post 5 photos for the next 10 days):

luv, luv, luv this red gown!  

One of my favorites!  

KJ and I wanted to go to the Show Us Your Shoes Parade so badly this year but the timing was tough -- I have my cousin's wedding in PA and then Cabo.  There was NO way I could get from PA to AC to Mexico without loosing my mind!!!  http://www.missamerica.org/parade/default.aspx  I mean, seriously!  How fun does this look!!

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