Friday, January 29, 2016


I don't know if this Bozo is getting the same media attention across the country as he is here in Texas but Holy Cow!  What an ass hat.  This kid is as douchey as they come. Back in 2013 he was underage, driving around town in daddy's pick-up truck with friends high on vicodin and weed, stole a couple of cases of beer from a local Wal-mart and plowed into a crowd of people on the side of the road assisting a disabled vehicle. He killed 4 people while driving with a restricted license.  Apparently this was not his first run-in with the law or dugs and alcohol, either.  He was tried as a minor and basically received a slap on the wrist with his lawyers claiming he suffered from "affluenza" (i.e., he is too rich to deal with the consequences of his actions). 

Fast forward a few years later and he's seen at a party playing beer pong (after his daddy pulled him out of a cushy California rehab facility) despite his 10 year probation stipulating he was to refrain from alcohol and remain sober  Then, his probation officer can't get in touch with him. Turns out Affluenza Boy dyed his hair and he and his creepy mom fled to a resort in Puerto Vallarta (Creepy Mom testified that she had moved their beds into the same bedroom as he was her "protector."  Ewwww).  Eventually the law caught up with them, she was returned to Texas first while his butt resided in a Mexican jail until yesterday.  Creepy Mom complained about her overnight accommodations while being a guest at the county jail, had her bond reduced (despite being an obvious flight risk) and is now claiming to be broke. 

This kid (and his parents!) need a big ol' can a whoop ass opened up.

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