Thursday, January 4, 2018


I've been very fortunate in that I grew up with both sets of grandparents (and two great-grandmothers) so I've always had a firm sense of where I came from.  Or so I thought. 

Being a self-proclaimed history nerd, I've always been fascinated with my family history and have dabbled in formatting a family tree.  I know I'm Polish on my paternal side of the family and my maternal grandfather's side, too.  The shock came when I really started to investigate my maternal grandmother's side of the family. 

I discovered I am mostly Scottish on my maternal side of the family (with a little Irish and German thrown in) and our family actually has a castle in the Highlands!  Both sides of my maternal grandmother's family are considered FFofNC (First Families of North Carolina (the distinguished Order of the First Families of North Carolina requires having an ancestor who lived in North Carolina before it became a royal colony on July 12, 1729) and I have a relative who fought in the American Revolution.  I'm in the process of completing my Daughters of the American Revolution paperwork which is the most amazing thing in the world for a history dork like me!  The genealogist who is working with me said she had it's very rare to come across such a well-documented family. 

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