Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Aging Gracefully

I always swore I would try my hardest to age gracefully.  I've always thought that with proper maintenance and preventative measures I would hold off the aging process as long as I could.  I swore I would never do anything to my face -- no fillers, no botox, nothing that would give me weird duck lips or squinty eyes.  Nothing that would make me look like I pulled my pony tail holder too tight. 
Remember when everyone made fun of Brooke Shields' bushy eyebrows?  I think Brooke got the last laugh.  She's probably sitting back, relaxing, saying "Who's laughing now bitches??"

Having said that, I now regret it.  I have, and have always had, extremely thin eyebrows.  I've looked at photos of myself from as far back as high school and I've always had thin brows.  I pluck strays every morning as I'm putting on my make-up but I've never been much of an over-plucker.  And, to make matters worse, my individual eyebrows are long.  Like, really long.  So if you pluck one, it messes up the entire shape of the brow.  Someone suggested I cut my brows (use a brow brush to keep the brows in their natural position but sweep them up to cut off any excess length).  Cutting does help with the length, but they are still thin in shape.  I desperately want to have my brows professionally done. 

My brows aren't as bad as Gwen, Jessica or Drew's but pretty damn close. 

So I've been researching microblading and think that's the way I need to go.  I like my natural shape, they frame my face.  My brows just need to be a little fuller.  T suggested I just fill them in each morning with pencil.  Ugh.  Who wants to do that every morning?  And it's so damn hot in Texas, what if I sweat it off??  And there are a lot of days I don't wear make-up.  So I'd like to have nice brows when I'm in the pool.  The thing that worries me though (and this is why I swear I'll never let a needle near my face) is what if I end of looking like this:

Or, God forbid, I end up looking like this:  


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