Monday, February 25, 2019

Oh My Stars!

Can I just say how much Cosmo and I are loving being empty nesters?  It's not like we didn't have a life before KJ left for college, but the focus was different.  Most things we did were centered around KJ.  Now we're doing things I want to do or have an interest in.  And it's about damn time.  I'm not a martyr or anything but years of school class trips, lacrosse stuff, volleyball games, dance stuff have taken its toll. 

We had such a fun weekend which started with Margaritas and Fajita's Friday night in honor of #NationalMargaritaDay.  I walked in the door from work and Cosmo had a pitcher of ice cold Margaritas waiting for me!  Love that man! 

Saturday's weather was perfect.  A little cool and breezy but very sunny!  Saturday the Stars played the Carolina Hurricanes at home at 4 PM so we checked into our hotel and Uber'd over to the AAC in plenty of time to watch the team warm-up.  That was the first time I Uber'd anywhere.  Go me!  The game itself was horrible and the Stars lost 0-3.  Bish was in the net after missing 6 games due to an upper body injury.  First time he was in the net since February 4. I personally prefer Anton "Dobby" Khudobin in between the pipes. 

We bought tickets a couple of weeks ago for Bert Kreischer's Body Shots tour Saturday night at the Majestic Theater.  We first became aware of Bert the Conqueror from his Travel Channel show.  And then we realized he had a comedy act  OMG  He is absolutely raw and absolutely hysterical.  So, from the Stars game we Uber'd over to the Majestic and laughed our butts off.  After the show we walked to dinner at Campisi's and then walked over to our hotel. 

Once we got home Sunday morning we just chilled and cleaned out the laundry room (you know, moved the washer and dryer out, vacuumed back there, cleaned out the dryer vent, etc.).  So exciting.  I also had a huge basket of unmatched socks and tried to match them up while watching the Stars play the Blackhawks in Chicago.  The Stars won 4-3 and Dobby was back in the net!

Another great weekend in the books! 

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