Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Spring Break Recap

We had such a wonderful Spring Break!  Last year I had just started working at the hotel but Coach and KJ visited friends in Breck for a few days.  Things can change so much in a year and who would have thought that T would be living in Denver? 

 KJ flew to Dallas on Friday, March 8 and we drove to Pueblo on Saturday, March 9.  We stopped at the Cadilliac Ranch on the way up and I had never driven through New Mexico before! 

Cadillac Ranch

Sunday morning T met us in Colorado Springs where we hiked up Broadmoor 7 Falls, walked around the Garden of the Gods and had an awesome tour of the Air Force Academy by one of Coach's former players.  That night we had dinner at a crazy hibachi place and drank way too much! 

Broadmoor Seven Falls
Garden of the Gods

Monday we drove to Golden so KJ could visit w/ her best bud Paige who is at the College of the Mines and had a nice breakfast and walk around downtown.  From there we headed over to Red Rocks and that night we had tix for the Avalanche game vs. Carolina.  Unfortunately, the altitude was starting to hit KJ so she stayed home.  It was kind of nice spending time with just T.  That hasn't happened in a long time. 

Red Rocks
Tuesday I shopped at Cherry Creek while the girls scootered around Denver and Coach got some work done.  The original plan was to drive to Breckenridge to spend time with friends for a couple of days but the bomb-cyclone was about to hit so we hunkered down in T's adorable apartment for a few nights.  Coach and I had been staying at a hotel so we did a Target run and bought a blow-up mattress and other necessities (booze, popcorn, chocolate chip cookie dough and some board games).  We had such a nice, relaxing family time during those snow-bound days and walked around in the snow and played catch-up. 

Thursday we drove up to Boulder for Brunch and then hit the Rocky Mountains National Park.  So incredibly beautiful and awe-inspiring.  It was spectacular in the snow, can't wait to go back in the summer!  We saw so much wildlife!  We were in the park less than 5 minutes and saw a big heard of elk, tons of deer and a ram was blocking the exit of the park.  The ram was so close to the car, KJ actually rolled up her window because she thought he was going to smash her fingers. 

We spent Thursday night at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park (aka The Shining hotel).  Beautiful hotel and the girls had stupid fun trying to find some ghosts. 

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