Thursday, September 5, 2019

Self-Care September

I love the Action for Happiness monthly calendar and print out several copies the beginning of each month.  I keep several copies around -- one at work, one on the fridge at home and one in my personal planner.

This month is all about self-care.  As women, we always put everyone else first whether it be our kids, our husband, our jobs and, as a consequence, we keep going and going until it's too late.  And then we're exhausted and burnt out.  And as I was writing yesterday's post, I'm prone to this type of behavior based on my Zodiac sign. 

I am incredibly fortunate to have a husband who understands and respects my need for some down time.  I work in the hospitality industry and have people wanting something from me all day long.  No one ever calls and says, "Hey!  What can I do for YOU???"  It can be draining at times.  Coach doesn't mind if I disappear in the bathtub for a couple of hours with a good book and some good music.  The water has to be scalding hot, lots of candles and a ton of lavender Epsom salts. No wine because between the hot water and the Epsom salts I'd probably pass out and drown in the tub.  Most people listen to soothing spa-type sounds when they're in the tub but that does nothing for me but make me more agitated.  I do not find flute or piano music relaxing at all.  My play list is very weird and totally random.  There's a little Drake, some Jay-Z, a couple of Guns and Roses songs, some AC/DC, Fleetwood Mac, Mac Miller, Travis Scott, Spandau Ballet, Sam Cooke, Queen, Taylor Swift, Normani, Missy Elliott, Beastie Boys, Ella Fitzgerald, Eminem, Migos, Snoop, Bob Marley, Spice Girls, Meek Mill, Kehlani.  You just never know.  But I like to sing in the tub and shower and I sing loud. 

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