Tuesday, September 13, 2022

2022 Emmys

The Emmys were back last night and while I didn't actually watch the awards portion of the show, I'm always about the red carpet fashion!

Let's start with the stars of Yellowjackets:

Ella Purnell 
Simple, Sexy, love the color.  
I think she could use an accessory or two . . . maybe a thick bangle or an arm wrap.  

Sophie Thatcher
I like this.  
It's youthful, interesting color.  
I think the girls need a bit of a lift though.  

Melanie Lynkskey
The top half of this pic is an A+++.  
It's old Hollywood glamour -- the hair, the bodice, the jewels.  
And then we get to the bottom half.  
Melanie is so curvy and all woman.  Maybe a mermaid or trumpet bottom?

Sammi Hanratty
This gown is sweet, I like the color.  
I bet it has pockets.  

Liv Hewson
I'm kinda diggin' this.  
The cut and color look good, the shoes, her hair.  It's fun and a little badass.  

Christina Ricci
I love her in a bob with bangs but feel like we've seen this silhouette from her before.

I'm going to call this next category "The Next Generation."  Some of them understood the assignment, some of them need a tutor (or a stylist):  

Dakota Fanning 
This is so beautiful on Dakota. 
I love the structure of this gown and the hint of color against her skin.  
However, she would have looked positively regal if her hair was in an updo!  

Issa Rae
This gown looks gorgeous on Issa!  
She didn't over do it -- her hair, makeup and accessories are perfect!

The current Princess of the Red Carpet and definitely the Heir Apparent.  
What an incredible sense of style.  
She can do no wrong.  

Selena Gomez
Selena looks fantastic.  
I just can't figure out the earrings.  

Amanda Seyfriend
She looks fabulous!  
This color is gorgeous on her pale skin.  
Accessories, hair and make-up are perfect!

Julie Garner
This would have been an A+++ for me but she lost me at the belly button cut-out.  
From the waist up she looks so fierce and beautiful, very sexy and confident and the gown has an old Hollywood feel that I love.  
Her hair and make-up are on point.  
The length is perfect and I love the shoes!  

Ayo Edebiri
Super cute and yourthful!  Great color choice and I love the bow details and cape!

Rachel Brosnahan
Another fun and youthful choice.  
Great color and I love the detailing.  
Perfect jewelry choice as well.  

Naz Perez
There are a lot of great details going on here:  the accent on her shoes, her jewelry, the silhouette, the overlay.
The styling is very well done.  

Kaitlyn Dever
I love, love, love this gown but I don't love, love, love it on her.  
Maybe a bit too mature?  
Maybe some fun accessories like some great earrings or a fantastic ring?  

Lily James
I don't feel one way or another about this.  
Not sure how Pamela would feel either.
Maybe if she switched gowns with Kaitlyn Dever, it would remind people of a Baywatch swimsuit.  

Coming up next is our Experienced group of ladies.  This is not their first rodeo or first time on the red carpet and honestly, some of them should have known better.  

Molly Shannon
Very clean lines, her hair and make-up look great!  
The tie at the waist is perfect.  

Caroline Aaron
This is cute and fun!  
I'd totally wear this with some hoop earrings and rhinestone strappy heels.  
I'll bet it has pockets.  

Connie Britton
Everyone loves a cape!  So fun!

Hannah Waddingham
She was wearing sneakers under this gown.  
She must be extremely tall!
Do you think this gown has pockets?  

Cherien Dabis
I love everything about this from top to bottom!  

Kaley Cuoco
This.  Is.  A.  Hot.  Mess.  
There.  I said it.  

Juno Temple
This is just a simple, LBD.  
A different hairstyle and some great statement pieces of jewelry could have elevated this whole look.   

Patricia Arquette
This is quite lovely on her.  
Simple, elegant, clean lines.  

Sandra Oh!
I'm not going to lie.  I love this!  
I mean, purple.  
Sparkles.  Satin.  
Purple sparkles and purple satin.  
It's a total win-win!  

Kerry Washington
There is a lot going on here.  
I like the dress a lot but the hosiery and shoes and hair take a way from it.  

Jean Smart
She looks so glamorous and age appropriate.  
I love the accent at the waist. 

Angela Bassett
Angela Bassett always looks good.  This is a great color and shape on her.  
Clearly the drape at the waist was a "thing" at this year's Emmy's.  

Vanessa Bayer
This is showing up as a simple, almost flowered patterned frock, but I think it was all sequins IRL.  This photo may be a bit deceiving.  

Paula Paulson
One of the greatest, underrated actresses of our generation and she's dressed in a dentist's bib.  
I don't get it.  

Reese Witherspoon
She's so boring.  
Bless her heart. 

Rosario Dawson
This is another one of those "I love half of the dress" kind of situations.  
I love the sleeves, the color, the fabric choices and the skirt.  
There's something off about that bodice.  

Laverne Cox
I love Laverne Cox but this just isn't doing anything for me.  

Laura Linney
Another incredible actress who left the house in a dentist's bib.  
Although this bib isn't near as bad as Paula Paulson's.  
I like the turtleneck.  I like the fabric and the color combination.  Love her hair.  
I don't care for the ruffles up top.  

Mindy Khaling
This color is so beautiful on Mindy.  
Her hair and make-up look fabulous.  

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