Monday, December 15, 2008

bush & shoes

Did you see that reporter at the Iraqi press conference this weekend? He took off his shoes and threw them at President Bush. Bush didn't' really miss a beat. When asked about the incident, he said it didn't bother him -- it was like making a speech and having someone scream your name or having someone give you a wave while driving but they don't use all 5 fingers. Apparently throwing shoes is a sign of disrepect in the Iraqi culture. Shoot. My mother could fit right in over there. She used to throw her shoes at us when she was on the phone and my brother & I were acting up in the background.

Dreary, rainy day in the Ham. Christmas cards are done, just need some stamps. Beds are made already, dishwasher is filled and going, load of laundry going, too. I have to clean up my guest room and get some stuff in the attic before my folks get here. I think they'll be here next Monday and my bother and his family will be here the Saturday after Christmas.

Some Christmas movies I'd like to see: Marley & Me, Bedtime Stories w/ Adam Sandler. T & I still haven't seen Twilight. T & I heard on the radio the other day that the director will not be back for the second Twilight movie which has really upset fans. They felt that her direction and vision made the book come to life. Also, they said the young man who played Jacob Black may not be back. After the actor who plays Edward, he's the next popular character and the powers that be said they won't pay both of them big bucks.

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