Friday, January 4, 2013

New Year

Not a good way to start off the New Year.  I've missed two days of work from being sick.  Not fun.  I waited Wednesday afternoon at the local doc in the box for over 3 hours to find out I have an upper respiratory infection.  I got a cortizone shot in the butt, a prescription for some anti-biodics and cough medicine with codeine.  I have a seriously jacked up system and for some reason nighttime cough medicine (i.e., NyQuil) makes me totally wired.  I mean, like bouncing off the walls until 3 AM watching Law & Order SVU reruns.  I got back into bed only to have Cosmo's alarm go off at 6:30 AM.  By Thursday night this upper respiratory infection had gotten worse and I have an uncontrollable, horrible cough.  Took that awful cough medicine again, was up until 3 AM again Friday morning.  Today I'm really out of it and slept until almost 11 AM.  Had some tea and got back into bed until almost 2 PM.  No fever but horrible congestion and total exhaustion. 

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Jess @ Blonde Meets World said...

AH, you sound exactly like I did last week and the rest of my family the week before that! Fingers crossed that you start feeling better soon. Until then I home you are able to get some rest! <3 What a way to start the new year!!!

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