Wednesday, January 2, 2013

To Gift Card or Not to Gift Card

We had a big discussion at work prior to the holidays about gift cards.  Our group was fairly evenly divided.  Some of us love giving gift cards for various reasons (I fall into this camp!) and most in this group love receiving them, too (ditto!).  The other half of our group felt gift cards are a cop-out and really aren't making much of an effort, 

Some people are really, really hard to buy for (cough!  cough!  my husband!) and some of us are really bad gift givers (raises hand!).  It's a bad combination.  He puts a lot of thought and effort into mine and the girl's gifts; I hate crowds and espcially don't enjoy shopping under pressure. 

In any event, I'm pretty lucky!  My family and friends know me so well! 
I luv, luv, luv receiving gift cards!
I luv it even more when the gift cards are for Barnes and Noble!  (I got 3 separate BN gift cards this year!) 
I also luv seeing "Reading Challenges" people post on FB, Twitter or their blogs.  I started reading the Sex & the City prequels this weekend, The Carrie Diaries, and am finishing up #2, Sex in the City, tonight.  Over Christmas break I read "Last Noel" Michael Malone (it was a recent Nook Free Friday selection) and I also read "Nemesis" Jo Nesbo. 

Came across this link and swooned.  Aren't libraries some of the most beautiful places in the world??? 

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