Thursday, November 7, 2013

I am on a Mission

I only want two things for Christmas:  a bar cart and a pair of boots. 

I have wanted a bar cart for a while now and even more so since we moved into this house.  The house in Birmingham had a marvelous man cave or Men Den as I liked to call it.  The wet bar was beautifully crafted and we were able to display and use our crystal decanters, bar ware and Cosmo's extensive sports memorabilia. 
This house has a finished basement, but not any place for our bar items.  Hence, my bar cart mission has intensified.  I've been looking on line for a while but really hate to pay shipping for anything.  And I was suffering from Goldilocks Syndrome (the bar carts I found on line were either too big, too expensive, too small, too formal or too casual).  I've also browsed a couple of local antique and consignment stores with the hopes of finding something that needed some TLC, something that I could sand down, paint or refinish.  It didn't have to be a true bar cart per se, but it did need to have a lip or a piece of moulding around it so that the items don't accidentally fall or slide off. 

Yesterday I was running errands and came across a bar cart that I luv, luv, luv!  The size was just right, the finish can go with any decor and the price was perfect.  So Santa, if you're reading this, I've been a good girl this year.  A very good girl.  And all I want for Christmas is a bar cart.  And a pair of boots.




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