Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Me & My Little Buddy

So I've been in Maryland since Labor Day weekend.  I guess that's what?  Like 9 weeks already?  We've assimilated well and have a nice little routine going.  KJ makes her lunch the night before (she hasn't bought school lunch once this year and doesn't even have a dime in her lunch account).  She gets up great every morning, hops on the bus, I do my thing during the day, she hops off the bus in the afternoon and we have a little snack together and relax for a bit before she does her homework.  She gets off the bus around 2:50 PM and the last couple of weeks we've been watching Ellen in the afternoon.  We absolutely love her show and have added "dance with Ellen" to our Bucket Lists.  Please enjoy the following photo galleries compliments of The Ellen Show:

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