Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I'm So Over It

I am SO over it.  No, not the snow.  I love the snow.  I'm so over people bitching about the weather.  C'mon people.  According to the calendar, it's still technically winter.  This is what happens in winter.  The temperature drops.  It snows.  Bitching and complaining about it won't make the snow melt any faster.  If you don't like it, perhaps you should look into relocating to a more mild locale.  Or consider not leaving your house during the months of November to late April/early May.

Seriously?  Does bitching about the weather on EVERY possible social media outlet change anything?  Did your 5 posts on Facebook and Twitter raise the temps in your area?  Do you have a direct line to Mother Nature?  Yeah.  I thought so.

Just enjoy it.  This is nature at it's best.  It's beautiful, it's white, it's fluffy and most of all, it's peaceful. Get out there and enjoy the snow with your kids.  Throw some snowballs.  Build a snowman.  Make a snow fort.  Go for a long, romantic walk holding hands.  Enjoy a steaming cup of hot chocolate with tons and tons of marshmallows.  If you can, go sledding.  Then, come inside and snuggle by a fire.  Wear warm fuzzy socks. 

And, mark my words, the same people who complain about the snow, will be complaining about the heat and humidity come July and August.

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Anonymous said...

Ha! I'm one of those who complain about the extreme heat and cold. I just want that perfect temperature all year around. Luckily I have spring and fall to enjoy!

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