Thursday, March 6, 2014

Miss Miss

Still recovering from my trip to Mississippi.  I flew out a week ago and landed in Memphis with no problems.  T picked me up right on time and we went and had spray tans.  I was a spray tan virgin and only agreed to it because I needed to wear dresses over the weekend and my legs were Casper-the-Friendly-Ghost white.  Like, glow in the dark white.  It was interesting to say the least.

After our spray tans we went out to dinner at our favorite restaurant in the Square, Boure`.  T's friend Tana joined us as well as T's new friend, J.  After dinner J's friends were playing at the local dive bar, Frank & Marlees  The band was really, really good and we had a fun time.  Tana picked me up on her way home from the library and I spent the night on her futon.  And I am way too old to be sleeping on a futon.  T picked me up in the morning and we had breakfast at our favorite breakfast spot,  After breakfast we had to pick up a few items on the square and then we headed to Vicksburg for Miss Mississippi orientation.

Friday night was a meet & greet and all of the local contestants had photos taken (they also took photos by college -- there were a TON of Mississippi State girls and 9 or 10 Ole Miss girls), were interviewed by the local radio station and received all of their costumes for the July event.  I also got to meet T's  directors and several of the other girls and their mom's.  Afterward we all went out for dinner at a Mexican place and had a lot of fun. 

Saturday morning the girls had to be at the local YMCA for rehearsals.  I went back to the hotel for a little nap and then had an amazing massage and pedicure at a cute little salon in Vicksburg.  The tech who did my pedicure also does the hair for the pageant MC's and had some funny stories to tell!

After my spa day I had to stop at the local mall and buy a short sleeve shirt.  It was almost 80 degrees in Vicksburg and although I had packed capri pants and my cute new sandals, I didn't have the right shirt to wear.  T had to be back at the mall that evening for the little princess crowning.  It was very cute and I got to meet T's "teen" (she's Miss Metro Jackson Teen and works with T's director as well).  It was also the first time I got to see T in her crown and sash. 

Sunday morning we had to be back in the auditorium for a long, long day of meetings and information.  I also like to refer to Sunday as "Miss Miss Boot Camp."  Holy cow.  There was a lot of information.  It's all good though.  They talked to the contestants and parents about expectations, social media, judging, etc.  There was a lot of great information but I think it was a wake-up call for some of these girls. 

That night we drove back to Oxford and had dinner at  I had never been there but T loves the artichoke dip and the lobster ravioli.  It was delicious.  I spent the night in T's dorm on a futon cushion from one of the girls down the hall.  T has her own room and a loveseat that would have been horribly uncomfortable for even someone only 5 ft. tall.  When we woke up to go to the radio station for T's show, it was snowing like crazy!  And it snowed all day.  I walked across campus to get T's car in front of her dorm while she went to class and had to stop at the campus bookstore to buy some gloves.  It was 18 degrees in Oxford.  It was 21 in DC.  It was actually warmer in MD than in MS.  We had lunch at the AOPi house and I finally got to meet T's big, Anna.  When I was in Oxford in November, Anna was terribly sick with the flu.  I also met a couple of the girls T is going on Spring Break with.  Very nice group of girls. 

T's friend drove up to Memphis with us so T wouldn't have to drive home from the airport alone.  I sat on the runway for a along time for de-icing and barely made my connection in Cincinnati.  And by barely I mean they were paging my name for final boarding.  My flight from Memphis arrived at Gate 3.  My connection was at Gate 32.  I was walking briskly and when they paged me, I started to run.  In heels.  A sweet little old man driving a golf cart saw me hustling and told me to hop on!  If it wasn't for him, I probably would have had to spend the night in Cincy.

It had snowed here all day Monday so rather than drive all the way home from the airport, I just spent the night at my hotel.  I had a hard time falling asleep but when I did, I slept great!  It was weird getting ready in the morning and just walking downstairs to my office! 

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