Tuesday, April 1, 2014

So Proud!!!

KJ had a vball scrimmage last night and although I've watched her play many, many times, I still am amazed every time I watch her play!  Listen, I know almost nothing about the game other than "hit it over the net" and "don't let it hit the floor."  The rotations are incredibly confusing to me and let's face it . . . this 5ft. mama didn't get much volleyball playing time in PE.

KJ has a helluva serve on her.  She's so incredibly consistent and smooth.  She's got a rocket arm and can always be counted on to put some points on the board.  This year she's setting and she's so, so good.  She plays the court well and knows right where she needs to be.  She doesn't get rattled when the pressure's on and goes hard.  If anything, she gets upset with some of her teammates to who don't put forth the effort.  She digs deep and isn't afraid to use her knee pads to slide across the court.

I love watching her play and can't help but smile and think back to those first few games at POP (2nd grade?  3rd grade?).  All the parents hooted and cheered like it was the gold medal round in the Olympics if the serve made it over the net.  We've come along way from those days!

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