Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Here Come the Boom !

Had such a great day yesterday!  The weather was absolutely spectacular!  It was almost 95 degrees here with nothing but beautiful, blue, clear skies.
I had an appointment to pick-up my new contacts (prescription is still not right so I came home wearing my regular ol' glasses), got a pedicure, ran some errands, got a haircut, spent some time in Ulta, picked up a few things at Trader Joe's and bought a bottle of my new favorite wine at World Market (liquor laws are so weird here -- no beer or wine in grocery stores yet the World Market in Rockville carries wine.  The Trader Joe's a couple of doors down does not).

Last night KJ's travel vball team had their end of year party and celebrated w/ a Dads vs. Daughters game.  The dads were too funny and did all the cheers and A.C.E. things the girls do.  The moms visited with each other and it was very nice for me to chat and get to know some of the moms a little better.  As a matter of fact, a couple of the moms are going to a boot camp tomorrow night as a group.  Should be interesting!

I had a wonderful Mother's Day even though it was spent in the gym.  KJ had her very last volleyball tournament Sunday and did great as always.  She had to be on the court at 7:15 AM and the gym was almost an hour from our house.  Who does that?  Who schedules a volleyball tournament on Mother's Day?  KJ gave me two beautiful Alex and Ani bangles and T sent me an "I love you" charm necklace with my initial on a small disc.  My sweet Godson sent me a beautiful basket of flowers to brighten my day, too!

Nothing major planned for this weekend.  The pool guys opened up our pool today so I think we'll just hang around and do some yard work.  I need to wash all of my summer plastic table ware so we can dine al fresco.  We need to get our patio seat cushions out of storage and set what kind of condition they are in.  May have to buy new ones.

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