Sunday, May 4, 2014

Torch Relay

Usually I love Sunday's but today I'm not a happy camper.  I just don't want this weekend to end!

Saturday we drove to my nephew's lax tournament and got to spend quality time with both sides of my family.  The drive was lovely and the weather was spectacular!  Not only was Mr. B playing, but my youngest cousin John (who's 8 weeks older than KJ) was playing in the tournament as well.  So, I got to see my mom's baby brother and his wife and watch John play.  As an added bonus, my dad's baby brother drove up from NJ to spend the day with us so I got to spend some time with him (I hadn't seen him since my brother's wedding 11 years ago!).  Mr. B played well and played a LOT.  This season he's been playing long pole but will also go in as a middie.  He's so super fast I personally prefer him as a middie or at attack but he really likes being on defense.  They played 3 games basically back-to-back and by the end of game 3, he was pretty much done.  He got some words of wisdom from The Legend / The Guru / Champ and we're trying to talk his mom into letting him go to Coach Cos's Hustle Camp (or, at the very least, attend a local camp in MD where he can get some stellar instruction from a professional -- Georgetown, Hopkins, Loyola, Maryland, you name it).  I don't think his mom is ready to let him go to a sleep-away sports camp just yet.  Very weird to watch my brother coach and my nephew play instead of Coach and one of the girls.  I guess he's passing the torch.  After the tourney we all had dinner and just relaxed and caught up.  On the way home, we stopped at Jimmie Cone for some dessert (natch).  

Today I got some things done around the house while Cosmo and KJ did some shopping.  They originally went to the mall but ended up at the outlets by the National Harbor.  Cosmo needed some spring clothes and new sunglasses and naturally KJ got some stuff, too.  I put away my china and crystal we used for Easter dinner, I did a shload of laundry (shit + load = shload) and organized my closet a bit as well as one of the linen closets.  

T's evening gown competition dress came in this week and she is so super excited!  The fit, the color, the silhouette are all perfect!  She said it is ever so slightly long and she'd like to have a sliver taken off the bottom.  She said when she walked she had to kick it out a bit and she doesn't want to have to deal with that on stage.  She is so incredibly pleased with her wardrobe for the pageant and she made some great selections!  She looks best in jewel tones and didn't even bother looking at anything pastel.  She had to have a royal or navy blue gown for the opening number (she went with royal blue), she needed a gown with a train for the parade and went with a dusty blue strapless high/low dress and her swimsuit is emerald green.  She's been packing up her stuff the last couple of days and said The Boy will help her move across campus next week to her new dorm for her May and June sessions.  It's a bit of nuisance but not a big deal.  

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