Monday, February 23, 2015

It's the Oscars!

I love a good red carpet as much as the next person but this year I was so disappointed in E!'s coverage.  I'm not really sure why Khloe Kardashian was a correspondent for the network -- she really had nothing important to say and was clearly out of her element.  Also, I don't know who or what made Kelley Osborne a fashion expert.  Guiliana Rancic for that matter.  The only one with street credit is the British chic with the unusual first name.  Unfortunately, she hold the microphone right in front of her face while she speaks.  Very distracting.

I don't think there were any major surprises last night.  I was glad to see JK Simmons win for Whiplash and I think everyone knew Julianne Moore was a sure thing.  I, personally, cannot believe that Birdman won Best Picture (I fell asleep during the middle of it and at the end, Coach just look at me and said, "What the hell just happened?").  I read somewhere that American Sniper should have won but voters just couldn't get over that fake baby and truly expected more from Clint Eastwood.

Most played it safe on the red carpet last night.  I don't think there were any major "misses."  A few, "mehs" but nothing terrible.  Here's my thoughts:
Really Like Faith Hill's short do! 

Love the silhouette and color!  Her hair and make-up are perfect!  She's just one of those naturally beautiful women.  She'll age well -- like a Helen Mirren!  

Love Julianne Moore! 

IDK, IMHO, Reese just seems to wear the same thing over and over.  I'd like to see her get really sexy with her gown, her hair and her make-up.  

Margot Robbie is simply stunning!  

Patricia Arquette always looks sloppy and disheveled to me but last night she really rose to the occasion!  

I'm not usually a Jennifer Anniston fan but I think she was my favorite look of the night.  

I think GaGa just finished doing the dishes

That is a LOT of dress.  And a LOT of boobs.  
I loved the bottom of this gown, hated the top.  The beads on top were very large and looked cheap.  Almost like an arts and craft project.  

The color and cut are gorgeous but that collar is very distracting.  I would have liked to have seen her wear a big statement necklace with lots of emeralds and diamonds.  

Let's just say I never understood the universal appeal of this Ralph Lauren gown.  I thought it was ill-fitting and in need of a good steaming.  I thought it was horribly boring and looked like a prom gown.

Gwyenth Paltrow looked incredible last night!  I loved everything about this looks!  The gown, the color, the fit, the hair, the make-up and the minimal accessories.  Such a classic and understated look!  

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