Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Time for an Update

When I first started this blog many, many moons ago, the following was my profile info: 

Transplanted Yankee raising 2 beautiful daughters and a hubby on a never-ending search for a decent bagel and a slice a pizza in the South.  Short and sassy, loyal, funny, slightly sarcastic, practically blind, 40-ish, loves to read, travel, and spend time with family and friends.  According to one of my children, I like to wear make-up and party.  Still madly in love with (and married to) my high school sweetheart.  Samantha Brown has my dream job.  I like margaritas, can't stand coconut or bananas.  I will do anything for a friend in need.  Just don't mess with my family.  I'm very, very protective.  Pretty much a non-BS kind of gal; I have no patience for drama, ignorance or stress-inducing activities or behavior.

I guess it's high time for a refresh.

Some things haven't really changed.  I'm still short and sassy, still loyal, still can't see for sh*t, still love to read, still love to travel.  Still in love with my wonderful husband.  Still hate coconut and bananas but love a good margarita.  Still can't stand drama and stupid people.  Still very, very protective. 

Some things have changed.  A lot.  I'm no longer "slightly" sarcastic.  I am full-on sarcastic and make no apologies for it.  Not sure if I'm still in the South.  Is Texas considered the South?  Mid-West?  Or is Texas just Texas?  Does Texas stand on its own???  I am no longer 40-ish.  I am now 50.  No ish.  Just 50. 

Some things are new.  For instance, I can now add "paddle boarding" as one of my hobbies.  I'd like to buy my own SUP this summer.  I can also add "kick-ass Catering Sales Manager" under the career section of my profile.  And soon I'll be able to add "Proud Member of the Daughter's of the American Revolution."  I guess I should probably also add "amateur genealogist" while I'm at it.  And, within the next couple of months, I can add "happy empty nester!"

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