Tuesday, April 24, 2018


KJ's flight arrived around 7 PM Sunday night.  As many times as she's been in the city, she still crossed a lot of things off her bucket list and was able to do and see so much:  Strawberry Fields, the Balto statue in Central Park, the Alice In Wonderland statue, the fountain from the opening credit of Friends, Bethesda Fountain, Times Square, Freedom Tower, a Broadway play (Sponge Bob!), Lincoln Center, the subway, Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Staten Island Ferry, Battery Park, Central Park Zoo, The Empire State Building, etc.  She said it was so weird for her.  She's been traveling to NYC since she was a baby but it was always at Christmas time so we did "holiday" things -- FAO, The Christmas Show @ Radio City, the Tree @ Rockefeller Center, Christmas windows, Tiffany's, Columbus Circle Holiday Market, Bryant Park. 

Next up for this knucklehead:  Iceland! 

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