Friday, August 24, 2018

All Moved In !!!

Mark this date in your calendars!  KJ officially and successfully completed her first week of college!  Whoop!  Whoop!  She's had a great week!

We drove to Oxford last Wednesday and had dinner w/ 3 of our favorite Martins.  Thursday morning we were up and at 'em fairly early with a quick bite to eat in the hotel lobby and then on our way to Ox.  We had only been through Ole Miss move-in once despite T having been there for 4 years.  We moved her in freshman year and basically she moved herself after that.  I was a little (ok, a lot) nervous about KJ's move-in because she was in a larger dorm, therefore, more people.  T was able to move-in a day earlier than everyone else as a perk of one of her scholarships so we didn't have to wait in line for the elevator or wait for a cart.  I have to say, Ole Miss did a very good job of keeping everyone organized and fairly sane.  Plus we had Z and T-bone with us so move-in went pretty fast.  Her room is cute but not over-the-top-Ole-Miss-dorm-rooms cute.  She brought the two headboards, the two dustruffles which were originally a creamy white and she dyed them a blue-ish gray to match the curtains and the TV.  The roomie brought the rug and microwave and they each have their own mini-fridges under their beds. 

I don't know if it was stress, the heat or what but KJ developed a very bad migraine late Thursday afternoon.  Like, so bad T texted us that KJ was outside throwing up in the bushes.  We were going to take them all out to dinner, say our good-byes and get on the road early Friday morning.  But Coach and I had an early dinner, went back to our room and let KJ get some rest.  Friday we picked her up for some BBB and took her to Office Depot for some last minute stuff.  We were back in Dallas by 8 pm that night.

She's had a good week and seems to be pretty happy.  One of the nights they had a floor meeting and then went to a picnic in the Grove for all the incoming freshman.  One night they spent in the stairwell of the dorm because they were under a tornado warning, one night she had a sorority meeting, one night was convocation (she said she teared up a bit when they said you'll walk in the same shoes as William Faulkner) and one night a bunch of people were in her room and the CA yelled at them because it was after hours.  Last night they went out on the Square and then to a frat party. 

She's going to be fine. 

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