Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Summer Catch-up

Season 6 of Orange is the New Black was released at the end of July and last night I watched the last episode.  I have to say, this was not my favorite season.  Kind of dark, a lot of characters were missing and some of the new characters introduced were unlikeable (i.e., Madison/Badison).  But I guess that's why they're in prison.  Mackenzie Phillips is great as Barbara, a lifer who runs things in D block while her sister, Carol, is the boss in C Block. 

The series is set in a fictional prison in Litchfield, New York, which is a real town in upstate New York, but it does not have a federal penitentiary.  The series is filmed in the old Rockland Children's Psychiatric Center in Rockland County, New York (which is the county I grew up in). 

I think the Bachelor (?) or Bachelorette (?) finale was last night, too.  I have no idea.  I don't watch those shows and have no clue who any of those people are.  I heard them talking about it on the radio this morning on my drive in. 

As of today we are 8 days away from move-in.  KJ's been doing a great job of gathering last minute items, going through her closet, organizing what clothes she's taking with her, etc.  Coach, of course, is bitchin' that she's packed too much stuff but that's to be expected.  It's a dad thing.  She could fit everything in a Ziploc sandwich baggie and he'd still complain. 

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