Friday, January 11, 2019

Gypsy Soul

I am a woman with a Gypsy soul.
I am a wanderer – I cannot be owned.
Freedom is my drug
And discovery is my sin.
The unknown calls my name
And I follow the winds.
I commune with the stars
My path is lit with purpose and passion.
I am not lost
Love guides my direction.
A woman with a gypsy soul is unlike any other you will ever meet.

Daughter #1 has officially relocated to Colorado and although I was not originally fully onboard with her decision to move halfway across the country, I know she's extremely happy and excited! 

T-bone is headstrong and very independent and quite honestly, sometimes it's difficult to be her mother.  Not because she's a problem child.  It's because she's so damn fierce!  She knows what she wants, she makes plans to achieve her goals, works hard, plays hard and rarely, if ever, asks for help.  She's competitive, like her daddy but she loves to travel and broaden her horizons and she gets that from me.  She'll be 25 years old this summer and it's taken me this long to acknowledge that she's more like me than I ever realized.  She's the person I would have become had I not felt enormous pressure to make everyone else happy.  And I'm so happy Cosmo and I have given each of our daughters the tools to live life on their own terms.

1). She dances to the rhythm of her own heartbeat

A gypsy woman follows the guidance of her own heart. She cares a hoot about rules or conventions.
She knows what she wants and she does what feels right to her. The rules don’t apply; she will always question and refuses to conform to the norm.
She follows her own intuition and she won’t be held down by anything.


2). Freedom is her pudding

A gypsy soul is bohemian at heart. She answers every call of the unknown winds. She is curious as a child and routine is not her thing. Freedom is her pudding and travel is her first love.
She can’t be tamed. She will leave anything or anyone that constraints her freedom.

3). She is fiercely independent

A gypsy soul might look like a loner to you. But she just enjoys her solitude.
She is fiercely independent and doesn’t depend on anyone for her happiness or fulfillment.
She is self-sufficient and chases her wildest dreams.


4). She is unpredictable.

A gypsy soul is a paradox. She is multi-faceted. Because of her love for life, she has varied interests.
She likes staying at home alone reading a book as much as she likes attending concerts.
She is playful as a child and wise as ancient seers.

5). She is constantly looking to expand her horizons

A gypsy soul is always looking for something new and exciting. Be it a new place, a new book, a new hobby or a new skill.
She gets bored with routine. Her zest for life is insatiable and she is constantly looking to expand her horizons.


6). She is all heart

A gypsy soul is guided by her emotions. Whatever she does brims with passion, whether it is her work or her relationships, she puts her soul into everything.

7). She loves unconditionally

A gypsy soul’s love is unlike any other. She loves hard and she loves unconditionally.
She provides a zero judgment kind of love and space where you can be completely yourself.
She will push you to expand your horizons and become the highest possible version of yourself.

8). She will always spill the truth.

A gypsy woman is honest and fearless. She will always speak her mind.
She is aware of who she is and is crystal clear about her values and opinions. She will not impose her viewpoints on others as she is very open-minded but she will always fight for what is right.

9). She lives life to the fullest
A gypsy soul is in love with the entire cosmos. She cherishes the little moments and knows how to live life to the fullest.
She is Omni orgasmic. The sunrays kiss her cheeks on her early morning jogs.
She smells the roses and hugs the trees.
The stars call out her name as she dances bare feet.
A gypsy soul knows that life is a gift and she makes every breath count.

10). She is an old soul and a deep thinker.

A gypsy woman is an old soul. She is wise beyond her age like she has lived many lifetimes before.
Her soul longs to be somewhere else. She asks deep questions and tries to find the meaning of life.
She does not like superficial things. She will ask you about your hopes and childhood dreams. She will ask you what is your highest purpose of life?
She will inspire the dreams you said you no longer have.


11). She believes in magic

A gypsy soul is an optimist. She has discovered her connection with the cosmos and believes in magic.
She knows that there are no limits on what she can achieve and she follows her heart passionately.
She creates a life that leaves her heart beating wildly and keeps her eyes sparkling.

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