Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Ole Miss @ Alabama

Even though I wasn't officially at the big game, I was there in spirit and 3 of my 4 family members were in T-town so I guess I can write about their experience on the Quad and link up with

This was the first weekend T has come home since heading out to Oxford on August 17.  She drove another girl from Hoover and a girl from Pelham home to B'ham and on Sunday they met in Tuscaloosa and drove back to Oxford from there.

KJ was at "the first major event of the school year" Friday night.  Two girls from her grade had a combined b-day bash and the kids were SO excited about it.  It was a neon party and they had a great time!  KJ said the DJ was very good and the black light and smoke machines were cool, too.

While KJ was partying it up, T & Cosmo went to the Hoover vs. Vestavia game and caught up with friends, both Hoover & Vestavia alike.  T was so happy to see LALink and a bunch of other lax friends and said it was nice to see this year's Buccanettes.  The game was packed and Hoover prevailed (duh). 

Saturday the 4 of us went to breakfast and the original game plan was for T to head to T-town w/ friends and the 3 of us had been invited to a couople different tailgate tents and not go into the game since we didn't have tickets.  One of Cosmo's lax parents called and offered him two tickets so I told him to just take KJ since she didn't get to go to the Texas game with us. 

So, at various parts of the day, Cosmo, T & KJ met up at different tents and hung out with some friends from RB, some Hoover friends, some lax friends and Cosmo & KJ even hung out at one of the frat tents (or, as KJ calls them, "frap" boys).  T never went into the stadium but Cosmo & KJ had great seats and enjoyed the game despite Ole Miss losing.

KJ told T, "I love you but I'm wearing Houndstooth today"  and was all decked out in her jersey, her houndstooth earrings, houndstooth cuff bracelet, etc."  This was everyone's first time on the Quad and said it was very different from the Grove (we usually tailgate on the side of Bryant-Denney).  Cosmo said it was a lot more spacous than the Grove and kids were able to run around a bit more. 

At least it wasn't a total blow-out and Ole Miss hold their own against the #1 team in the country and managed to get a couple on the board.! 

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