Monday, October 29, 2012


Saw this on Pinterest yesterday and made me think about how much I enjoy my Sunday's!
Sunday is always a relaxed, easy-going day in our house. Always has been, always will be. For the most part we don't have anything going on.  Once in a while Coach will have a BamaLax practice or KJ might have a vball tournament but Sunday's are very chill in our house.  Coach always makes a big Sunday breakfast or gets bagels, we have a nice family dinner and just prepare for the upcoming week . . . review our family calendar, get some laundry done, etc. 

I also like to do some "maintenance" on Sunday's.  I deep condition my hair, tweeze my eyebrows, exfoliate and put a masque on my face, etc.  Although I love to try to new products, my skin-care routine is pretty basic:  cleanse, tone, moisturize.  I don't wear heavy make-up, I'm not a sun-worshipper (my moisturizer has an SPF to it and I always, always, always wear a hat when I'm outside), I drink tons of water and I stay away from greasy/fried foods.  And, I don't try any wild or crazy treatments (i.e., bird poop or placenta facials).  I think the most radical thing I've ever done to my face is the series of microdermabrasion treatments I had after KJ was born.  My hyper-pigmentation was at it's absolute worst and showed no signs of improving.  Even though everyone told me it would fade, I was horribly self-conscience about it.  I had it when I was pregnant with T and it seemed even worse when I was pregnant w/ KJ.  Cosmo bought me 5 or 6 microdermabrasion facials and after each treatment the aesthetician also used a lightening cream on my face and that did wonders.  Other than my bout w/ melasma, I have pretty decent skin.  I guess I inherited it from my folks == at 65 and 66 respectively, my mom & dad don't have any wrinkles and don't look their age.  My dad says it's our good Polish skin. 

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Christine Rosko said...

Hey! I nominated you for the liebster/versatile blogger award!

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