Sunday, November 25, 2007

Nothing exciting today. Hubby told me he doesn't like the new layout. I don't think he gets it. Make mine a COSMO. Get it? Whatever.

Fairly uneventful day. KJ went to the store for a little bit w/ Chris this afternoon while T & I went shopping. I bought new sheets for our bed (whoop-de-doo!). Chris wanted flannel but I bought regular cotton sheets. My metrosexual husband was disappointed w/ the threadcount...he said he doesn't sleep on anything less than 1,000 count. He doesn't pay for 1,000 count either so the 400 threadcount will have to do.

Between Saturday night and today, we must have hit every store in Hoover & Vestavia looking for an Elf. Apparently, this is the big thing with the elementary school set. According to child #2, you write a note requesting an elf friend, leave out some crackers and water and VOILA! The next morning an elf appears. The elves are a mysterious lot. They play lots of tricks on people. We've been to Learning Express, Wal-Mart, CVS, Walgreens, Build-a-Bear, Hallmark, Libby Lu, Stein Mart. You name it, we've been there. T & I finally found an Elf at a little gift shop down by Hobby Lobby (which was closed today for some reason). This Elf is definately one of Santa's Ho's. She's wearing thigh-high green boots, a red sequined dress, and a green furry jacket. I'm sure K will love her. Couldv'e smacked my husband upside the head, however. He took one look at the "Elf" and said, "she doesn't have Elf ears."
It is worth reminding ourselves that what brings us the greatest joy and satisfaction in life are those actions we undertake out of concern for others. Indeed we can go further. For whereas the fundamental questions of human existence, such as why we are here, where we are going, and whether the universe had a beginning, have each elicited different responses in different philosophical traditions, it is self-evident that a generous heart and wholesome actions lead to greater peace. --Dalai Lama

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Yankee Belle said...

Xmas Carol does look like she is trying to WORK for her money. hee hee

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