Sunday, November 4, 2007

Parachute Pants & Leg Warmers, Anyone???

Chris & I started cleaning out our closet today. I think we both had some clothes left over from the Reagan administration (big shoulder pads a la Alexis Carrington). I kid. It wasn't really that bad but pretty darn close. I say that we "started" cleaning the closet because halfway thru Chris had to leave for fall lacrosse. I still have a mountain of shoes and a big pile of clothes on the floor that I need to go thru. I also have 2 big piles: 1 for donation, 1 for garage sale. Yes, I'm going to try to have a garage sale once youth football games are over.
Busy weekend. KJ's little football team beat Irondale alot to nothing. These kids are good I tell ya! Kendall went up to Evvy's house after the game to play for a bit while Chris & T ran some errands. Chris & T went up to Evvy's house to watch the Alabama vs. LSU game and I took KJ & Evvy to Nemo on Ice. Kendall spent the night w/ Evvy and thankfully they took her to Sunday school. Although Chris & I didn't make it to church, we were able to get T up to Sunday school and Evvy's grandmother brought all the kids home.

Chris took T to fall lacrosse @ 2:30 PM and KJ and I went up to watch her since it was her last game. We stayed for the high school boy's game and then Chris had try-outs for the BamaLax All-star team (to play in Tampa in January). Chris had the high school boys play against the current men's team as part of their try-out (the old man even scored against the youngin's). It was a crisp cool night but it was fun to see the men vs. the boys and I love chatting w/ all the parents. Of course, all the boys just love trying to slash Chris. After the try-outs we grabbed a bite to eat at Salvatore's. They had the Cowboys game on in Sal's. When we got home, Kendall said to Chris, "Hey Daddy. How 'bout we watch that Cowboy's game??" He was like: "YES!!!" That's my buddy. (It's really just a ploy on her part to stay up longer; next thing ya' know she'll be saying stuff like, "Hey Dad! Let's catch SportsCenter.")

"Life is eternal, and love is immortal, and death is only a horizon; and a horizon is nothing save the limit of our sight." -- Rossiter Worthington Raymond

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