Saturday, November 24, 2007

Roll Tide Roll

It's an amazing feeling . . . I know Auburn and Alabama people are married and during that week they have to split. They don't talk to each other that week." -- Jason Campbell
It's 3rd Quarter of the Auburn vs. Alabama game. 'Bama's down by 3. Had to call my brother in PA at kick-off to give him a little "Roll Tide Roll" shout-out. I'm sure it made his night. I was hoping to talk to Brandon. He usually gives me a "We Are! Penn State!" and I tell him "Go Tide Go." Counting down the days until we see the kids. Caitlyn's not gonna know who we are.

Nice quiet day. My lower back has been hurting very badly the last couple of days so Chris let me sleep in this morning. All of my Thanksgiving decorations are put away, tomorrow we'll do Christmas decorations. I've been so cold today; just can't get warm. My toes feel like icicles.

1 comment:

*Yankee Belle* said...

Glad the former NYer is a Tide fan. Smart Yanks got to stick together. maybe next year. (Otherwise the damn "S - the coach" sticker comes off my car. ;)

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