Friday, June 5, 2009


Took T to Princess Camp today at the dance studio. She was Cinderella on Monday and had a great time w/ the little girls. Today Cinderella's friends -- Belle, Ariel, and Aurora -- will be joining her for a big Princess Party! OK. Enough about that. I sound like a moron when I talk like that. In actuality, Cinderella was a little tired this morning and need to run thru the drive-thru @ Starbucks for a Grande white chocolate latte.

T is SOOOO good w/ little kids. All the little kids at the pool (Colin & Lydia, Cameron & Linley and some other kids I don't even know) luv, luv, luv her. They're constantly calling her name, hey, watch me T, catch me T. Lydia was there the other day w/ her babysitter and saw T get out of the pool and dry off. Lydia ran out of the pool and told her babysitter, "I have to go home now." The babysitter asked her why and she pointed at T and said, "cuz she's going home." T loves the kids to pieces and she'd be a great kindergarten or 1st grade teacher. Unfortunately, a teacher's pay is not going to keep her in the lifestyle she's become accustomed to.

Trying to think what we've done this week......Wednesday Austin came over and we sat at the pool for a while and T had All-star lax practice after that. Chris met us up at the fields and afterwards we went out for Mexican food. Thursday was kind of a gray, icky day so we stayed in and did some laundry and straightened up. Chris had his boy's all-star practice last night so the girls & I ran some errands and grabbed a bite to eat at Zaxby's. I like Zaxby's and so does KJ. T, however, does not. I get the Zen-Salad and really like it. We ran to the mall and I found two bathing suits I liked at Belk. It was relatively painless -- ran in, ran out. I never even went into the rest of the mall.
Yesterday Trixie went to the groomer's and KJ swears they gave us back the wrong dog. She looks totally different!!! They gave her a puppy cut and now you can see her eyes and her little face. Her fur pattern looks different, too. She's very spotted, kind of like a dalmation!
Today all 3 of us have dentist appointments. Tomorrow T is getting her pointe shoes. I'm very, very proud of her. She's worked so hard to get on pointe. She's super-duper excited!!

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