Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day / Just some stuff

Nice end to a busy week. T had the first week of her 2-week dance intensive @ the studio. She was exhausted but loved every minute of it (except tap; not too crazy about the tap class and she wasn't very happy with me the night I made her go to lax practice after dancing all day). Yesterday and today she's been dancing w/ Colby Shinn.

KJ had vacation bible school all week and had a lot of fun with her friends. Each year the end the week with a big musical extravaganza and pizza party. After the pizza party I kind of caught her off guard and told her I was taking her to the mall to get her ears re-pierced (she had them done when she was 3 or 4 but screamed and cried every time I tried to change her earrings so we just let the holes close up). She asked for some moral support and made Maggie & Evvy come with her. There were 2 girls in front of us @ Claires -- a 9-year old Asian girl (who giggled when her ears were pierced) and a very large, 14-year black girl (who screamed "Lord Jesus Christ help me!" when her ears were pierced. Not very helpful). Evvy & Maggie grabbed a bunch of silly stuff (sunglasses, hats, feather boas, etc) to make KJ laugh and take her mind off the piercings. After the earrings they had ice cream cones from the food court.

Friday night Chris had men's lax practice and we met him for dinner afterward. We have to dine "al fresco" after lax practice because he's quite stinky.
Saturday was not a great day (I'm not going to get into it) but after I dropped T off @ the studio, I took a long, long walk to clear my head. I also ran to Lowes (in the car, not actually "RAN") to buy supplies to paint the vanity in our master bath. I've been wanting/fixin' to paint it a glossy black instead of the boring basic builder's grade ivory that it currently is).

Saturday night T & I went to Sips 'N Strokes to paint masterpieces. Um. Yeah. Not so much. We had fun but both of us were disappointed in our Eiffel Towers. I like my trees, just wish my Eiffel Tower didn't look like a Japanese pagoda. T's picture turned out great and she's already hung it in her bathroom. Chris felt the need to critique our paintings and said my "perspective" of the bridge is off. Whatever. There's not even a bridge running thru the Eiffel Tower so there!!!

My Painting

T's Painting

So the creative juices are flowing in our house today. Chris had to run up to the store for a little while today and on the way back he & KJ stopped at the craft store and purchased a table-top easel. some canvasses, and a starter set of acrylics. She googled some art work, printed it out and tried to copy it. As you can see, she did a great job!!!

The Finished Product!!!

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