Saturday, June 27, 2009

Saturday Silliness

We were supposed to be in Atlanta today for a girls lacrosse tournament but the BamaLax team didn't have enough girls to field a team today (you know how these Southern girls are, too busy w/ other stuff: mission trips, vacation bible school, choir trips, camp, etc.). So, we now have a nice, unexpectedly free weekend. Unfortunately, Chris has to spend the day up at the lax store because all of the kids are either on their way to or on their way home from one lax camp or another. I have a lot I need to get done in the house. I've been busy this week w/ various "stuff" -- driving kids to/from dance camp, volleyball camp, my mammogram on Friday, etc. and let a few things go in the house.

Thursday was the last day of KJ's volleyball camp at the high school. She had a great time and really, really liked volleyball. I think she's going to sign up for the little girls team at our church in the fall. She had a couple of girls over for a hot dog/pool party after volleyball camp. The girls were really good and had a lot of fun. They played very nice together.

Last night was T's last day of her dance intensive at the studio and she had a couple of girls over to hang out at the pool. These girls don't go to the same high school but they have a lot of friends in common and it was interesting to listen to them talk about certain people. Some things I had already heard, some of the gossip was new to me (old news to them). It's interesting too, how some kids, girls particularly, are perceived one way by adults (i.e., she's a good church-going girl), but act another way when they are with their friends.

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