Saturday, August 28, 2010

Lots Going On

Lots of fun stuff this week and weekend. The Hoover Buccanettes were in the Birmingham News this week for their accomplishments at UDA camp. Great photo of all the girls proudly displaying their blue ribbons. The dance team also got some really cool news this week but I've been sworn to secrecy. Champ and I got some cool news this week too but can't say too much because the girls don't know yet. I hate secrets and surprises. Never liked 'em, never will.

T's friend from the dance studio, Scarlett, is representing Alabama at the Outstanding Teen pageant tonight. She won talent earlier in the week so big congrats to her! She's a lovely young lady and has worked so hard to get where she is.

Today was the big Hoover football game on ESPN.
Offensively they were a little rusty, which usually happens in the first couple of games. Defensively they were able to shut out Byrnes (which hasn't happened in 11 years or something like that). Cowboy had a great game and a couple other lacrosse players got some love. #25 took a HUGE hit that was very, very hard to watch. I actually felt like I was going to be sick. I jumped up and started pacing and KJ kept screaming "turn it off! turn it off!" when they were showing the replay. Connor's a great kid and I hope he's OK.

Last night two of Cosmo's BamaLaxers from Mt. Brook, the Cox twins, had a great game, too Those two boys have serious wheels. I've also had one eye on our cross-town rivals Spain Park vs. Grayson (GA). The game's been a bit of a snoozer. Spain Park's players look so young and kind of smaller compared to some of the Hoover kids. Spain Park's sidelines remind me of a peewee game but I give the boys credit for getting out there considering what's been happening w/ their head coach this week.

Cosmo's up in Greenville, SC at a men's lax tournament and should be home tomorrow. The old man's still got game.

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