Sunday, August 15, 2010

Warp Speed

Wow. so much can happen in a week . . . school started (check out the pic of KJ and the Vera Bradley messenger bag she HAD to have!) and we totally surprised T with a car! Whoop! Whoop!
Last Saturday Cosmo & T did a little car shopping after lacrosse practice. She test drove a bunch of cars and decided she liked this cute little SUV. She kept saying she DIDN'T want an SUV but I think she got so used to driving my car this summer, she felt a little weird being in a regular car. She said when she test drove all those cars, she realized she didn't like being so low to the ground. Her car is a little smaller than mine and after doing a little research, I discovered that her model received perfect marks on all it's safety tests. She had plans w/ her friend Caroline so Cosmo and I ran down to the dealership while she was out for the evening. We pulled the car into the garage and had Caroline call us when they were on their way home so we could hide in the garage and take photos. Her reaction was priceless!

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