Monday, August 9, 2010

Mega Star??? To Zoe or not to Zoe??

How did Rachel Zoe go from this in 2006 (former client Nicole Richie referred to her as "raisin" face)..... this in 2009???

Just turned on the TV and I'm not sure if I heard correctly or not but I think Nancy Grace just referred to Fantasia (American Idol winner from season 3) as a "mega" star (she's being accused of allegedly making a sex tape with a married man). Seriously? Mega star? When I think of mega star I think of someone internationally known. Someone iconic . . . Marilyn Monroe, Madonna, Elvis. Fantasia? Um, no.
Today was KJ's "meet the teacher" day and I cannot believe the rude and obnoxious behavior I witnessed at the school today. I had to go to the office first (even though I paid my registration fees on line and filled out all the necessary forms, I still had to show proof of residency). It was a little hectic in the office today and there were about 6 or 7 of us in line (I was second). One of the sweet office lady's was helping me and another parent at the same time printing out a form for us to sign. Some woman barges into the office, actually squeezes between me and the lady in front of me and says something like "I just need to....blah, blah, blah." It didn't really matter. We were all "just." Anyway, one of the office lady's said, "we'll be right with you." This mom basically shoved her stack of papers at the office lady helping me and the woman in front of me and said, "I just need to drop this stuff off. We're good, right?" and proceeded to walk away. If she's who I think she is, she goes to my church and has a child older than KJ, one maybe in the same grade (not sure but thankfully her kid has never been in the same classroom as KJ) and maybe one child younger than KJ. A good friend of mine is an acquaintance of hers and said she is positively psycho. I could see it today. What makes one person think they are more important than another? What makes anyone think their time is more valuable than someone else's? Why do some people think they don't need to stand in line and wait their turn like the rest of us??

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