Saturday, January 22, 2011


Today was the 2nd dance team competition this month and boy is my butt tired! It's a very, very long day for not only the girls but the parents/fans as well. Last weekend the competition was at Samford University, today it was at Spain Park High School. The girls did absolutely amazing but didn't place well at all. I love their Smooth Criminal routine and think their Bollywood dance is phenomenal! Two of the seniors on the squad participated in the solo competition both days did so wonderful! Several girls that T knows from either the studio or rival high schools also did very well in the solo portion (her BFF Caroline placed 3rd and Sammi placed 2nd!).
Since lacrosse season is now in full swing and occupies 99.9% of Cosmo's time, KJ came with me to the competion last week and today. She is so fidgety and gets bored so easily. She was driving me crazy! She was hungry, she was thirsty, she was tired, she had to go to the bathroom, etc. In all honesty, it was very hot in the gym today, very cramped and the bleachers were very uncomfortable. At least at Samford we sat in theater seats with cushions.

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