Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Cottage Dreams

Be thankful for every heartbroken, every scar, every page turned, some bridges burned, for those were lessons learned.
(I realize this quote doesn't "go" w/ today's post but someone sent it to me so I'm going to run w/ it!)

Marriage is a compromise. I'm sure if it was up to my hubby, our house would be decorated in everything NY Jets....Jets couch, bath towels, kitchen bar stools, etc.

If it was up to me, the house would be decorated in some type of beachy / shabby chic / English countryside / Parisian fleamarket-find decor....lots of pale pink, lots of soft turquoise. Tons of pillows, soft faded fabrics, white slipcovers, chandeleirs in every room. Unfortunately, my big, burly hubster would look totally out of place in all of that girlishness. However, one can dream, can't they???

I love old, worn out things. Things that have history or a story to tell. I love old china teacups, a great book, a cozy blanket or quilt. Old pictures.

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Anonymous said...

I could be so happy in a comfy cottage... especially if it were on the ocean! I am laughing at your comment because when my husband hogs the bed I tell him I am making him his own room decorated with a Bruins or Patriots theme! xo

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