Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Good Kid

Today T & I were watching a show and the girl, about T's age, had a complete and total melt down, slammed the door, screamed and yelled and told her parents she hated them. T looked at me and said, "aren't you glad I'm a good kid?" My first reaction was a sarcastic "Pshhh! You have your moments." T's reply was "I have never done that to you." And then I thought about it. She's right. She has NEVER said that to us. Not when she was a terrible toddler, not when she was a sassy middle-schooler and never once as a teen. Although T can be mouthy (as my mother constantly reminds me, "she comes by it naturally"), she is a pretty good kid and Cosmo and I are very blessed. She's so dedicated . . . school, lacrosse, dance. She's so mature and is such a big help to me. Since I've gone back to work, she has done the household grocery shopping almost every week and is a huge help with KJ. Christmas was kind of convoluted this year because I had been in FL the week before for the "Event" (my dad refuses to admit he had a heart attack and refers to it as "the Event") and she did a lot of the family's Christmas present shopping and she did all of the Christmas Eve and Christmas Day grocery shopping. Give her a list and a credit card and she's good to go!

We are very, very proud of her and all her accomplishments. I love having daughters!

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