Saturday, April 2, 2011

Spring Spruce Up

Love this time of year! Getting so much done around the house and I love it when the hubster hands me cash and tells me to go buy whatever we need / I want. Yesterday KJ & Cosmo bought some flowers and starting freshening up the yard, today I was on the hunt for a new comforter set and also bought some new window treatments for the dining room. Had a hard time with the comforter set and the hubby's not too crazy about what I brought home (and I'm probably going to ask him to paint our bathroom which is going to drive him insane because I promised he wouldn't have to). I didn't see anything I liked in Bed Bath & Beyond, loved a comforter set in JC Penney's of all places but they were out of the king, walked clear to the other end of the mall and liked a Tommy Bahama set in Belk (but then realized I'm probably not going to love it in the winter and do I really want to go comforter shopping again in a few short months??), disappointed in the selection at Macy's, walked all the way back to Penney's and bought a different set than the original one I saw. I've got to find a day to schedule our window cleaning, our gutter cleaning, the mulch delivery and our carpet cleaning. I'm thinking if we just get it all done in one day, it will be much, much easier. Next up on the shopping list: a dining room light fixture. Hate, hate, hate the one we have in there now and always have since the day we bought this house. This is the year it's coming down!

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