Sunday, April 3, 2011

Super Sunday!

Spent a great day out at the lacrosse fields . . . both of my girls played Huntsville today. One daughter won, one daughter lost but I love watching them both on the field! KJ's middle school team lost 9 to 3 but each week the girls are improving and are such a sweet group of girls. After each game, despite the score, they run out to the goal and give KJ bigs hugs and smack her on the helmet. The Varsity team played incredible today and I belive the score was 19 to 4 (maybe 5??). All I know is there are 4 girls named Taylor on the team and 3 of the T's each scored 5 goals. Pretty cool (and daughter #1 didn't even get a yellow card!). Yesterday they played John Carroll and I think the final was 17 to something. Yes, daughter #1 got thrown out of the game (today, one of the "newer" dads asked me which girl was my daughter, I told him and he said, "Oh. She's a little aggressive, huh?" Umm. ya' think???). I missed the entire game because I was at another event but a friend of mine from work went to watch T play which I thought was very sweet. The week after next is going to be tough w/ both Oak Mountain and Vestavia on the schedule.

The weather was outstanding today and it was wonderful to be out in the sunshine! Not sure what the weather is supposed to be like the rest of the week but it just really doesn't get any better than today!

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